Friday, 17 July 2009

Wishing for Your Relationship to Work Out Well

Relationships are delicate. Unless you tend to them with a lot of love, care and attention, they may die sooner even before you realize. We wish our love to stay by our side forever but destiny may have something else in store. Those who are single may wish to fall in love and be in a relationship. The silver lining is wishes often do come true. All you have to do is wish. If you don’t wish, then how can you expect them to come true in the first place? Most people don’t want their relationships to stumble midway and keep wishing for it to work out till the end of their lives.

How about sharing your wishes with the rest of the world? You never know, the love of your life may read about your secret wish about her on, and fall in love with you even more. And if you are single and in a mood to mingle, you can read about the wish for another lonely heart from any part of the world, and connect with him to make a foundation of a happy relationship. If you have just one wish to make, and it is the success of your relationship, then don’t hesitate and speak out. It will come true!


  1. I like what you wrote about making wish regarding a relationship...I do wish my wish will come true..keep up the good work...lovely

  2. I liked what you said as far as relationships and one wishing for one that would last a lifetime. I was in such a relationship for 45 years until A huge misunderstanding and the mistakes following it caught me in its snare. Now all I do is wish for it again. I started a blog of my own called, "My Heart Feels What My Lips Cannot Say." It's at I have always had a hard time saying what's on my heart, but I can find the words in the form of poetry. If you like, please visit my blog and any comment would be most appreciated. Again, you have a beautiful and helping blog. Thanks


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