Sunday, 26 July 2009

Love is All That Matters

If you wish for love then you are not alone. Love is wished for by most people, no matter what language they speak, or where they live, or how much they earn. Love knows no boundaries of age, location or gender. In fact, philosophers around the world equal Love with God! When you wish for love, it’s as if you wish for God. No one feels complete in life unless they are loved by someone or have someone to love. There is perhaps no other thing in this world that can make anyone as happy as love does. Some keep their love a secret while others confess it to the world.

Read all about what people around the world wish for when they are in love or find out who else wants to be in love. Whether you want your ex back in your life or wish for someone special to fall in love with you head over heels, don’t confine your wishes to yourself. The moment you write it down, you’ll feel more confident and your wishes will come true. Check out the love wishes section at and find out what people around the world wish for in love.


  1. Hey,
    This is a cool BLog, with a cool concept.

    Nuthin' like love!

    All the best,
    Bring Back Pluto
    "ONE of THE GUYS"

  2. Love is the most important thing love for the whole world for the animals, the sea , the trees,ours body,love for freedom and for all men and women and for the stars above .that's my mening and wish for love .


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