Saturday, 23 October 2010

This may well sound really strange....

Did anyone else see bright orange lights in the sky over Didsbury (UK) last night...... at around 11 - 11:30pm, there were 3 evenly spaced orange glowing lights travelling in a north/west direction. At first I thought they might have been helicopters or even planes, but they seemed to be travelling too close together and there was no noise or additional flashing lights. These 3 lights disappeared into a cloud, but then they were closely followed by another 2 again flying close together and then by another 3, then 1 by 1, about 12 in all over a 30 minute period. This was so surreal and very strange... and before you say it, no, I hadn't been drinking last night.

Upon doing some research this morning on the internet this is certainly not the first occasion of people seeing these bright orange lights, there have been many similar sightings throughout the UK especially in and around Manchester over the past couple of years. If you don’t believe me just Google the above, it’s actually very fascinating to read all the reports.

I know this post is not in relation to my website, but it was something I experienced last night, and I wanted to share this with my readers.

Thank you for reading.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

We all wish for something but do we wish for the right thing.....

Wishes play a pivotal role in hope, appreciative inquiry, resilience, savoring, purpose, love and goal setting. It is not always possible to guess the cause of happiness or the reason behind a particular demand. As a result, people often land up wishing for the “wrong” things. Wishes reveal a lot about the nature of a particular individual, and interestingly act as connections between human beings. Irrespective of the root, or community similar wishes bring people together. Actually, there are some concrete reasons underneath the perspective of consciousness that continuously ambush every effort if left unchanged. It would be no exaggeration to affirm that every endeavor kick starts with a wish. Human beings are born with an innate aptitude to create what they want. What is required is the understanding on how to "turn on" this ability.