Saturday, 29 August 2009

Just a little up-date about my ONE-WISH Pledge

I have had an absolutely fantastic! start, already I have reached 1,369 wishes. It would be great to reach 1,500 by the end of August but for this to happen I am going to need a little help! So if it is possible would you kindly drop by my website and make your wish today, if your friends would drop by as well that would be brilliant! Hope to see you there but if you can’t make it then I would still like to thank you for reading this message.

Many Thanks

Have a great weekend

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

This is absolutely fantastic news, thank you so much Wendy on behalf of one-wish

This is a copy of a letter I received yesterday from Wendy to Laura at the Make-A-Wish Foundation and I wanted to share this with everyone as it sums up what one-wish is all about. This is absolutely fantastic news thank you so much Wendy on behalf of one-wish and all my followers, this truly is a wonderful thing that you are doing.


Dear Laura,

Hello. My name is Wendy and I am a good friend of Mike Rigby, owner of the web site, I live in Los Angeles, California and have a radio show and webpage called Wendy’s Animal Talk.

Recently, I have been very moved by your organization and foundation and I would consider it an honor to grant a wish. As a breast cancer survivor, I know first hand what it is like experiencing daily challenges. Since birth, I have lived with servicer dyslexia and ADHA. I truly feel comfort in knowing that there are Guardian Angels, such as yourself and Mike out there, helping dreams come true.

Please let me know how I help grant a child wish, either personally or through my radio show. Perhaps you have a young budding On Air Talent who would love to have their very own pet talk show for a day.

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful wishes you and your staff grant every day.

Bless you and your children.

Lord Captain Bowes Rees & his Friends lend help to grant one-wish a paw ©2009

Wendy Nan Rees & Lord Captain Bowes Rees Cappy the traveling Terrier™
Host of Wendy’s Animal talk

Wendy Nan Rees
159 Beloit Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90049
310.344.6532 or

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Lord Captain Bowes Rees, AKA Cappy

Today’s post is not about me, not about my website one-wish, it’s all about a travelling dog “Lord Captain Bowes Rees” Lord Captain Bowes Rees, AKA Cappy, likes to travel first class! around the world discovering new stories and events, reporting back dutifully to his blog...

I have included below a small extract from his very own blogspot A Dog’s Voyage Around the World™ you can follow the remarkable adventures here

where you can also join Cappy as a friend by clicking the Google Friends Connect button on the right hand side of the blog post.

This is an absolute must visit! and I definitely recommend joining Cappy as a friend…so all you dog lovers out there please rally around and ask your friends to drop by.

Extract : A Dog’s Voyage Around the World™

I am a 6 year old Yorkshire terrier from London, England. My Great Great Great Grandfather was from Yorkshire England which is very north of the country. I was born in the city proper, a town called Chelsea also better knows to you Americans as Kensington.

When my mother was recovering from breast cancer, she told my father that she had to come to London to get me. I was just a little less than a pound and my mum and I got on a very large, what I know now, is an airplane. I didn’t know it then, but I do know now after many transatlantic flights. We are a family that travels quite a lot.

When I first got home, I was quickly introduced to my two new brothers. My oldest brother, Governor, the black lab, may God rest his soul, and Senator, the chocolate lab. It wasn’t until some years later when Governor went up to be our guardian angel that our Little Man chihuahua, who speaks Spanish and we have a little a language problem because I speak the Queens tongue. Nonetheless, we have a great time swimming in the ocean and in the pool. I hear my mum often telling people that the Labradors have webbed feet and are supposed to swim, but that I and Little Man are not supposed to swim, but are supposed to sink as we don’t have webbed feet. But let me tell you, that we live to swim and we love to go on Papa’s yacht.

Every summer, we go back East to Grandmother and Grandfathers home in the Hamptons. We spend the entire month of August there. Lucky for me, I get to fly with Mum in the cabin as always. Poor Senny, he loves his crate, but he seems to go somewhere else. He tells me it’s quite comfortable but is loud and has a hum to it. He says it doesn’t matter because he knows where he is going and he is going to the beach for a month and nothing could be finer than to be living at the beach for one month. And let me just tell you that Grandmother and Grandfather have two Labradors, Chloe and Luke, that we love to play with and our Tata Liz has a poodle named Rupert that loves to swim and go on the yacht with us too.

So, welcome to our blog. I hope you will join us for the next 12 months as we get ready to go on our voyage around the world. My mum is going to take her radio show and a camera crew with us so you will be able to hear us on the radio, and they call it VOD (video on demand) to see little things that we do at different locations around the world. My Tata Louise is going to help me with these blog entries & many Pictures as I can take J a couple of times a week from different places in the world and of course, while I am here in the United States. That is it for today here in sunny Los Angeles, and as we say in London, Ta-ta, Cheerio, Toodle-hoo

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Great News! one-wish has been aired on live Radio in Los Angeles


Good Afternoon.

Great News! one-wish has been aired on live Radio in Los Angeles!

Thanks to a great friend of mine one-wish has been aired on a live radio station in Los Angeles. The show Wendysanimaltalk has a captive audience of 150,000 and is aired live every Tuesday 1 – 2pm PST (UK 9pm Tuesday evening). The station which has an audience of over a 1,000,000 listeners allows you to download an MP3 version of the program for up to 3 months after the show, to enable you to listen to the show in your own time and at your convenience.

If you tune in this coming Tuesday, the 18th August 2009, I’ve been told there’s going to be a huge surprise for me. Please follow this link to listen:


I've just added a new feature called Google friends connect to my homepage, allowing visitors to join my website as a member of's pretty cool I think.

My website has received over 1,200 unique wishes from around the world.

During July I launched a great campaign in aid of children with life threatening illnesses, I have called this The ONE-WISH Pledge, highlighted on my homepage and in my blogs.

I have also made it very easy, a single click, for users to retweet my story on Twitter.

So if you get the chance please drop my website and see for yourself the great and exciting changes that I have made to one-wish over the past couple of months.

I look forward to seeing you there and your comments.

Kind Regards

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Do you wish that all your wishes come true?

It is perhaps too much to desire for all your wishes to come true. But when you have a long list of them and when you want them to come true sooner, then you may wish and pray to God to make all your wishes a reality! A new car, a vacation in Hawaii with your spouse or lover, a huge pay-packet, and what not! In fact, there seems to be no end to our wishes all through our lives. Sometimes we wish for others too and wish that all of them come true. Perhaps you want your children to get into college, get a good job, get a good life, or you want people to live in peace and harmony.

No matter what you wish for, wouldn’t it be great if people around the world knew about them and pray that they come true? In fact, it is believed that more people pray for a certain thing to happen, all the vibrations and the will powers of different individuals work together to make that happen. So, why not let the world know about all your wishes and pray for them to come true. At, you can read about the innumerable wishes made by people around the world and feel connected with them through your wish.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

New Feature on ONE-WISH

Join one-wish as a friend.

Thanks to Google Friends Connect you can now simply click the button on my home page and become a friend.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you,

Saturday, 1 August 2009

What an Excellent Month (July) for ONE-WISH

Wow! Love for the sixth, yes sixth month in a row continues to dominate the one-wish charts for the most popular category for wishes placed during July, with a whopping 28% of all wishes. Money follows in second at 18% with Family close by in third at 14%. There are now over 1,000 wishes for you to browse whilst you visit my website

During the month I launched my one-wish pledge campaign and the response has been fantastic! Thank you to everyone who has contributed by making a wish……it gives me great hope that my one-wish pledge is going to be a great success!.

Also during July another milestone was reached by one-wish and I am very pleased to announce that one-wish received its 1,000th wish during the month, this means so much to me and thank you to everyone who kindly took the time to visit my website.

If you like my website please tell your friends, if you don’t please tell me…..I do listen! Some of the changes and features that now appear on my website reflect comments and/or suggestions from the many users who use my site.

Please help me to help others by supporting my one-wish pledge campaign…all you have to do is make a wish!

The ONE-WISH Pledge

For every single person that makes a wish between the 18th July 2009 – 31st December 2009 I promise I will donate 1p per wish to the following charity: Make a Wish Foundation UK

It may not sound much but hopefully it will soon add up if everyone reading this makes a wish and shares this with their friends!

Thank you, hope to see you there.

Kind Regards