Sunday, 28 June 2009

Wish for Your Dream Destination

Ever closed your eyes and imagined yourself being transported to the place of your dreams – your dream destination? All of us have a favourite place in their mind that they wish to visit at least once in their lifetime. You may have heard about this place from someone’s first hand account or a story, may have seen a painting or photograph of this place or seen it on television or a movie. It can be a country such as Australia or a city like London. From the mountains of Switzerland to the beautiful Hawaiian beaches, and from Norway’s gorges to Japan, your dream destination can be situated in any corner of the earth. It can even be an imaginary place that may have no existence in reality.

Whatever may be the place of your dreams that you wish to visit, why keep it inside your heart as a secret? Share it with others and read about the dream destinations of people around the world. If you have just one wish to make that would be the most important one in your life, then let it out on You’ll also find it very interesting to note the different places that people like to visit on the site. In fact, you may be surprised to find that your hometown, which you may find boring because you are used to it, is the dream destination of a person who lives at the other end of the globe.

Hope to see you there, take care.


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Do You Dream of Becoming a Writer?

Most of us have grown up reading Grimm’s fairytales and classic stories like Alice in Wonderland or the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. And then we go on to read Mills and Boons and Sidney Sheldon novels in our teenage years. From detective novels engaging us with their mystery and suspense to romance or adventures and sci-fi, there are endless genres of fiction that you may enjoy reading. Non-fiction writers are also quite popular. Take for example Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, which has become a global bestseller in its own right. It has even been translated into a number of languages, reaching a larger and varied audience.

No wonder that many of us wish writing a book to narrate their own fiction or real-life tales and become famous. But the urge to become a writer, most of the times, lies dormant in people who are engaged in some other full-time job. They feel that they are born to do something different, but are unable to quit their job or find time to start upon their dream novel. So, life just goes on with the hope that someday their wish will be fulfilled. You can now share your dreams, hopes and wishes with people around the globe and also listen in on their stories at

Sunday, 21 June 2009

In the Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is something that has eluded people for centuries. What did we not do in pursuit of happiness? From climbing mountains to diving into the depths of the ocean, from running after money to looking for happiness wherever we thought we could find it – we haven’t left any stone unturned. But those who went in pursuit of it have again and again concluded that happiness lies within us. We just have to look within and it’s ours to behold. We don’t have to find it anywhere else.

So many people all over the world feel that they are unhappy. They look everywhere other than the place where they’ll find it. And they wish for happiness – their own happiness and that of their family and friends. At times you may feel that you are the unhappiest person on the face of this earth. But wait, have a look at Here you can read about the stories of others and how they wish to be happy. You won’t feel lonely anymore and you too can share your story with the rest of the world. Just write about your wish for happiness and connect with millions of those who are seeking it or have already found their share! This way, your urge to find that secret key to happiness – be it money, fame or just luck, will find new ways to fulfil itself!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Don't Let Hope Leave You Ever

Hope is what keeps us going! Those who lose hope about life hardly have anything to live for. They may think that their life is not worth living. If you are going through a very bad phase in life then hoping for the return of the good times makes you work hard to bring them back. Hope is all around us in the world. All you need to do is look for it and it will be yours. You just have to believe that whatever you are hoping for will actually happen, and the good vibrations that you generate as a result of it will help to make your hope a reality.

Hope is something that you shouldn't keep to yourself only. Share your hopes with the world and learn what others hope for. The Hope Wishes section of lets you put down your hopes in words. The moment you write it down, your conviction becomes stronger that what you hope or wish for will come true. You feel good about it and work towards it to make it a success. Don't keep your hopes a secret from the world. Share your good feelings and convictions with people all around the world.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Wish for MONEY

A small wish on a dandelion fluff “I hope I become a millionaire some day.” Those who have money, they wish for more and those who don’t, clamor for some. Most people can benefit from having more of money in their lives. Actually it all begins with a simple thinking – or at least that is what studies on people who are wealthy reveal. It has been found that people who have learnt to think about money differently are the ones who manage to make it big, albeit financially.

There are some concrete reasons just below the perspective of our consciousness. These if left unchanged, persist to ambush our every attempt in making our wish come true. Physical tangible wealth begins from a wish. With time this wish grows into clarity and feeling until it can be turned into reality. To describe in brief, all human beings have the innate inborn aptitude to create what they want. What we only require is to understand how to "turn" this ability “on”. Undoubtedly, wishing is a significant part of this process. And what better way to make your wishes get noticed and read by people wanting to help others’ wishes come true than online. The website can help attract the attention of global charity organizations and benevolent individuals, who will help you, achieve your wish in a jiffy!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Secret Wish

Making a secret wish can be a joy and at the same time provides the positive energy to keep the hope alive. It is quite common with all of us to make secret wishes for things that would otherwise seem to be impossible – wishing for a promotion in office, getting good grades in examinations or winning the heart of the dream-girl. There can be thousands of such occasions when we make a wish secretly and could not share it even with the person closest to us. We make a wish and keep praying for it to become true. Sometimes our wishes do become realities and it is this fact that inspires us to wish for more.

Make your secret wish today

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Make a wish today

“You are being granted one-wish, what should you really wish for? visit my website and make your wish today! Mike

Monday, 1 June 2009

Love was the winner in May

Love, was certainly in the spring air during May!

For the fourth consecutive month in a row Love, was the most popular category for all the wishes placed during May 2009

What will June be? can Love keep going?

Make a visit today and make you wish!