Thursday, 25 June 2009

Do You Dream of Becoming a Writer?

Most of us have grown up reading Grimm’s fairytales and classic stories like Alice in Wonderland or the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. And then we go on to read Mills and Boons and Sidney Sheldon novels in our teenage years. From detective novels engaging us with their mystery and suspense to romance or adventures and sci-fi, there are endless genres of fiction that you may enjoy reading. Non-fiction writers are also quite popular. Take for example Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, which has become a global bestseller in its own right. It has even been translated into a number of languages, reaching a larger and varied audience.

No wonder that many of us wish writing a book to narrate their own fiction or real-life tales and become famous. But the urge to become a writer, most of the times, lies dormant in people who are engaged in some other full-time job. They feel that they are born to do something different, but are unable to quit their job or find time to start upon their dream novel. So, life just goes on with the hope that someday their wish will be fulfilled. You can now share your dreams, hopes and wishes with people around the globe and also listen in on their stories at


  1. I think everyone has a poet in them, I love to write poetry. There is a website called AC the peoples media where you can publish, I have publish poetry there. Have a wonderful weekend..

  2. One day many people will read my poetry

  3. i love to write stories but i've got no confident in's one of my main drawbacks but i write for myself and if people ask me i share it with them ....writing makes me calm and i feel like i can write just about anything .....great blog keep up the good work

  4. I wrote a lot of poetry in my own language and also wrote an autobiography. But i am afraid people may not like it so am hesitant of getting it published.


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