Friday, 24 July 2009

Let Peace Prevail On Earth

As if there was a dearth of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions to kill us, that people all around the world make war! As if they’re bent on eliminating the human race. I wonder what the government around the world gain by war? But we do all lose a part of us with each war or act of violence that takes place on this earth. With the advancement in civilization, we are supposed to live in peace and harmony. Somehow the wheel seems to be turning backwards towards the ancient barbaric days when people used to kill each other at the drop of a hat. Racial attacks, communal violence and hatred for neighbouring countries don’t show any signs of decline.

So, if you wish for world peace and a more civilized world, then let the world know about it. There is no other easy way to do it than to log on to Check out the section on peace wishes and feel connected to the people around the world who wish for the same. Each thought, each belief, and each wish matters. Wish for peace in the world and watch the whole world wish with you on One Wish.


  1. I like the idea... will contribute :-)
    Cool blog :-)

  2. Fantastic blog. I hope peace prevails on Earth as we need it badly.

  3. This seems to be most in line with what my wish would be. Safety of my children and family. With whats about to come down the pike, it looks like that safety could be a thing of the past. I want to be around to try to make sure nothing bad happens to them in the quickly coming up doomsday scenario. I write about this some on Survival Stew, and important blog... I want to make the difference between families and children suffering or not.

  4. This is a great idea! My wish would be that people would stop the anger and selfishness and violence within themselves--stop and realize we are ALL innerconnected and that one murder, one theft, one act of violence harms us ALL on some deep level. If we thought about what comes out of our mouths, from our hands, pouring out of us each day might affect other people, maybe we'd be more careful.

    Please come by and say hello at my site, Angel Illuminations, and my blog, Reflections upon the Water ( )

    Thanks for such a great site!


  5. I would love to contribute my wish to World Peace too. Let's do our part to raise the positive vibrations of the universe to restore world peace through our very own positive actions.


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