Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Waiting to Hear Some Good News

We all wait eagerly for good news – any kind of good news! It can be good news in the family, good news in the office, some personal good news, or good news from any part of the world. The list is long but often we don’t receive the good news that we hope for. When we open the newspaper every morning, it is cluttered with bad news like news of racial attacks, wars, murders, thefts and economic slowdown – as if good news has become rare! When we constantly keep on hearing bad news all around us, it can make us depressed. Good news helps us to think positive about the world. In fact, there are certain organizations that work towards spreading good news in the world such as the Good News Network and the Good News Broadcast. Good news can work wonders to improve our physical and emotional health and bring prosperity in our lives.

Want to know what good news people from around the world wish for? Then visit the site http://www.one-wish.co.uk/. In the good news section, you can share any good news you want and read what good news others wish to hear.


  1. Very true - i am currently sitting in the office waiting for someone to tell me the good news that we can all go home early today ;0)

  2. I love how very unoriginal I really am. I've been collecting "wholesome headlines" since february. They really have been a positive influence in my "news junkie" life. They have given me hope and wonderful perspective on people. You are not alone in your sentiment. Thanks for bringing it up.

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  4. AFter 7 years working on one major project...my wish is to get 'that phone call' ....Itd's Done...we did it...total success'.


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