Friday, 10 September 2010

Be the FIRST to know

We’ve added another GREAT new feature on one-wish.

You can now subscribe to the latest news on one-wish by clicking the RSS feed button that can be found on both our one-wish news and one-wish twitter pages. Subscribe today and you will be the FIRST to know of the new and exciting developments on one-wish, FIRST for great offers, FIRST for competitions and more……..

And I would just like to remind you all of another one of our most recent exciting developments on one-wish, the NEW ONE-WISH Online Store in association with AMAZON. You can buy anything from the latest DVD to a new MP3 Player or even a vacuum cleaner if that’s what you need. So please drop by and check-out the latest fantastic deals and start, dare I say it, planning your Christmas shopping list……..

The NEW ONE-WISH Online Store

I am sure you’ll enjoy your visit and whilst your there please remember to make your wish of the day.

Kind Regards

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