Sunday, 12 September 2010

10 GREAT reasons to discover what one-wish can do for you.

  • Submit YOUR most desired wish via a simple, easy to use web-form.
  • Scroll through over 5,000 wishes from people from around “Our World” all of which have been categorised for you into easy to follow sections: Love, Money, Fame and many, many more.
  • With less than just 15 weeks to go until Christmas it’s time to start planning and buying your Christmas shopping and now with the creation of the NEW ONE-WISH Online Store in association with AMAZON. You can buy anything from the latest DVD to a new MP3 Player or even a vacuum cleaner if that’s what you need, directly and online without even leaving one-wish.
  • Tweet your favourite part of one-wish to your followers.
  • Come along and JOIN one-wish as a Friend and become a part of one-wish.
  • Enter our Monthly Prize Draw for a box of one-wish Goodies
  • Share any part or feature of one-wish with your friends and family….on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and many more social websites with just the click of your mouse.
  • Submit and follow a Good News story or just read the wonderful things that have been happening around our world.
  • Subscribe to the NEW one-wish news channel (RSS) and be the FIRST to know of the new and exciting developments on one-wish, FIRST for great offers, FIRST for competitions and more……..
  • A new, clean and fresh looking website layout with very easy to follow navigation, you won’t get lost on one-wish.

All the above is just a taster of what is now on offer at one-wish, so I really hope that when you have a few minutes to spare you will drop by and discover for yourself the wonderful goings on at one-wish.

Thank you

Kind Regards

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  1. "One-Wish.CO.UK Blogspot" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.


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