Saturday, 4 April 2009

If all my wishes are fulfilled

What if someone asks you to make one wish - what would you wish for? Money, fame, health or luck? Wishes differ from person to person. If you ask your little sister, she might wish for her favorite game or favorite doll, for which she has been longing for since several days and had set her eyes upon. If you ask your teenage neighbor, probably his wish is something different. He might wish for good luck in his forthcoming exams or in his current dilemma. A young professional wishes for success in his life and profession. An aged couple might wish for peace, dedication and faith towards their almighty. Strange, but true! Moreover we all have priority wishes as well. A particular wish has a priority over other wishes and needs to be fulfilled earlier if given a chance. Wishes indeed are different and keep changing from person to person.

So visit today and decide on your one-wish!

Good Wishing

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