Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Wow August what a fantastic month

There’s been so many great things happening I’m just not sure were to begin……… so I’ll start here…..

I have become very good friends with a wonderful lady in America who has not only become a very special and dear friend to me, but who has kindly offered to grant a wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation to a child, anywhere in the world to play host on Wendy’s Animal Talk Radio show in America…… Words cannot express just how much gratitude I have for Wendy and for what she is doing, this sums up exactly everything I am trying to achieve with one-wish and this wonderful act alone makes all the time an effort so worthwhile. For those of you who do not already know I operate my website http://www.one-wish.co.uk/ as a hobby, as I currently hold down a full time job as well.

Wendy herself is a very remarkable person…….she has overcome many obstacles in her own path from suffering severe dyslexia and ADHD. Wendy and her family were told that Wendy would not graduate high school. However, whenever Wendy is presented with obstacles in her life, it kicks her driving engine into gear and she charges ahead to prove all the naysayers wrong. In 2000 Wendy was diagnosed with breast cancer, which forced her to take a break from her career to focus all her energy on her recovery. Today, Wendy is happy to say she is cancer-free and working on her worldwide internet radio show called Wendy’s Animal Talk. You can hear Wendy every Tuesday at 1PM PST at www.healthylife.net also writes two weekly pet tips for the web site lovetoknow.com where she provides dog and cat advice.

And there’s more….. Wendy has become a recognised author of five books and an authority on looking after your pets….you can check-out all about Wendy and her books on Wendy’s own website www.petlifestyleadvisor.com it’s a must visit.

I would like to thank Wendy on behalf of one-wish and all of my visitors for everything Wendy has done, not only for granting such a wonderful wish to a young child but also for proving to the world that no matter what difficulties may lay ahead, you can, if you set your mind to your own aims and goals, achieve whatever you want from your life…… we only get one chance, so enjoy it to the fullest….

Love for the seventh, yes seventh month in a row continues to dominate the one-wish charts for the most popular category for wishes placed during August, with a whopping 22% of all wishes. Money follows in second at 15% with Family close by in third at 14%. There are over a thousand wishes for you to browse whilst you visit my website

During the month my one-wish pledge campaign got off to a roaring start, with over 1,400 wishes placed, the response has been fantastic! Thank you to everyone who has contributed by making a wish……

If you like my website please tell your friends, if you don’t please tell me…..I do listen! Some of the changes and features that now appear on my website reflect comments and/or suggestions from the many users who use my site.

Please help me to help others by supporting my one-wish pledge campaign…all you have to do is make a wish!

The ONE-WISH Pledge

For every single person that makes a wish between the 18th July 2009 – 31st December 2009 I promise I will donate 1p per wish to the following charity: Make a Wish Foundation UK It may not sound much but hopefully it will soon add up if everyone reading this makes a wish and shares this with their friends!

Thank you,
hope to see you there.

Kind Regards

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